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FM BELOWGROUND: From a Hong Kong Basement to the World

在多年以来,无数次把饮料洒在别人的电台之后,YETI OUT 很骄傲地宣布 - 我们在香港的新家,地下电台空间 FM BELOWGROUND 的成立。

After years of spilling drinks on other people’s stations, we’re excited to launch our new home @fmbelowground - a space to share, explore & document sound oddities from all corners.

既是电台,也是录音室,外加整面的音墙,FM BELOWGROUND 将在不久的未来,带来一系列绝对 ‘好嘢’ 的现场派对,厂牌演出和电台节目。

Part radio-recording studio, part soundbox, expect a series of parties, label takeovers & shows once we can hang more than 12 feet apart.

2021,YETI OUT 将会从这个香港的地下室中,向全世界广播我们的声音。请拭目以待!

Full broadcasting 2021 from a Hong Kong basement to the world.


BELOWGROUND is a new creative space that just opened in December 2020 which is also now home to the radio station FM BELOWGROUND. As a shopping space located in a basement in Central, Hong Kong, BELOWGROUND will host brands including Awake NY, sacai, and the STATIONARIES series jointly launched by Fragment Design and Hypebeast managed by Hiroshi Fujiwara. YETI OUT will also showcase a series of apparel at BELOWGROUND.

Stay tuned for more brands and collective pop-ups in the future.


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