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SUNDAY SOUNDS | ROMderful's Playlist

来自英国伯明翰的DJ,制作人&全能音乐人 ROMderful,你可以在他的音乐里听到与传统UK音乐人截然不同的声音。从19岁便在 Soulection 发行的首秀EP, 2019年的全长专辑 Press L To Continue, 到疫情期间推出在视觉和听觉上同等惊艳的EP Ice Cream Clones,ROMderful 融合了R&B, Hip Hop, Neo-Soul, 和 ‘Neptunes 时期 Pharrell Williams’ 后的标志性声音,就同他闪亮的Geek风时尚宣言一样令人难忘。

Born in Birmingham, ROMderful is a versatile artist known for drawing inspirations from anime and video games for his music and honing his skills in many different instruments. At the age of 19, he released an EP with Soulection and released his first album "Press L to Continue" in 2019. During the pandemic, he released an EP called "Ice Cream Clones" which is a refreshing blend of R&B, hip hop, neo soul and influences from Pharell back from The Neptunes era.

Check out his playlist below:

Benny The Butcher - Legend ft. Hit Boy

来自纽约的 Benny the Butcher 和表兄 Westside Gunn 一样是 Griselda 厂牌的创始成员之一。单曲 Legend 来自他与制作人 Hit-Boy 去年发行的合作专辑 Burden Of Proof,并由后者包办全部制作。

New York-based Benny the Butcher is a founding member of the Griselda label, along with his cousin Westside Gunn. The single "Legend" is from his collaborative album "Burden Of Proof", released last year with producer Hit-Boy.

Potatohead People - In The Garden

Mellow Fantasy 是温哥华双人制作人组合 Potatohead People 的第三张录音室专辑。在这张专辑里你可以感受到受 Boom bap 影响却又不局限如此的制作构成,向 Jay Dilla 致敬的鼓点,与温暖的合成器声。更有来自 De La Soul 与 Jay Dee 胞弟 Illa J 的说唱表现。

"Mellow Fantasy" is the third studio album from Vancouver-based producer duo Potatohead People. The album features Boom bap-influenced production, drums that pay homage to Jay Dilla, and warm synth sounds. De La Soul and Jay Dee's brother Illa J are feature rappers of the album.

Stro - Thank God For That

来自纽约布鲁克林的rapper Stro 最早在真人秀节目X-Factor成名,且在2017年发行了首秀录音室专辑 Grade A Frequencies。来自此专辑中的 Thank God For That 展现了 Stro 高超的说唱技巧,来自 Nathaniel 的副歌献唱更是锦上添花。

New York rapper Stro first rose to fame on the reality show X-Factor and released his debut studio album "Grade A Frequencies" in 2017, from which the track "Thank God For That" showcases Stro's rapping skills, complemented by a chorus contribution from Nathaniel.


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