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LINKUP | 'Windows XP' Producer Romderful

在英国伯明翰长大的DJ, 制作人&全能音乐人 ROMderful,他多变的声音不能简单由某一特定音乐类型定义;你可以从他的音乐中听到从 R&B, Hip Hop, Neo Soul 到 Jazz 在内的一切元素。在19岁被 Soulection选中发布EP,接连同 Kehlani, Jay Prince, DEAN 与 朴宰相厂牌AOMG 的 LOCO 合作音乐 & 在社交媒体收获 Virgil Abloh 的认可以外,ROMderful 的作品更加专注于 - 创造温暖的质感,鲜艳的色彩 & 使人无比愉悦的律动。

ROMderful is a DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist from Birmingham, UK with a sound ranging from hip hop to jazz that simply can't be defined by a specific genre. At the age of 19, he released an EP with Soulection, previously collaborated with Kehlani and Jay Prince, as well as K-pop stars DEAN and AOMG's LOCO. ROMderful has received nods from the likes of Virgil Abloh via social media and continues to share his bright and fun beats with the world.

Jean Deaux - Anytime ft. Kehlani produced by ROMderful

在你进一步了解他之后,这个热爱动漫,皮卡丘,电子游戏,宜家编织袋外套和一切古怪搞笑视觉元素的可爱 ‘Geek’ 音乐人,绝对会吸引你的耳朵。正值他从英国移居首尔,打算在亚洲音乐圈大展拳脚之际,我们和 ROMderful 聊了一会,有关他美妙的内心世界,电子游戏给音乐创作的灵感,与接下来的新计划!

We chat with the anime and video game lover over the phone about his recent move from the UK to Seoul, inspirations from video games, and his next moves! Check out the chat below:

Tom Yeti: ROMderful 你好!幸平创真是谁?

Tom Yeti: Hey ROMderful! Who’s Soma Yukihira and what is your relationship with him?

ROMderful: Yeti Out 你好!幸平创真是动漫「食戟之灵」中的主人公。我很喜欢他从不放弃的性格,努力做最好的自己,我第一次和一个角色这么有共鸣哈哈。

ROMderful: Hey Yeti! Soma Yukihira is the main character from the Anime “Food Wars” and I just love his personality and drive to never give up and always be the best no matter what challenges he faces and he always makes the most out of what he has and not what he doesn’t have and I’ve just never related with a character so much haha

T: 除了动漫以外,我们知道你还是一个超级游戏迷,你的个人TOP3是?

T: You are a big video game head, can we have a personal top 3 list?

R: 阳光马里奥 (Gamecube); 索尼克大冒险2 (Dreamcast / Gamecube); SSX 3 (PS2 / Gamecube / Xbox)

也许你会发现,Gamecube 是我最喜欢的主机,主要是外形太可爱了!谁会想到给游戏主机上装上把手,像装饰品或包包一样可以随身携带?2002年的人们难道就把它背在身上在街上转吗?我一直好奇。

R: Oooooh!

Super Mario Sunshine - Gamecube

Sonic Adventure 2 - Dreamcast/Gamecube

SSX 3 - PS2/Gamecube/Xbox

As you may be able to tell, Gamecube is my favourite console ever. They’re so cute too haha! Who would’ve thought to put a carrying handle on a console like it’s an accessory or a bag? Did they think society was so safe in 2002 that people would just carry them around on the street? I always wonder haha

T: 这些游戏和动漫是怎么对你的音乐产生影响的?

T: In what way did video games influence your sound?

R: 也许这听上去有些奇怪,但有时我感觉自己像一块海绵 - 海绵宝宝,会吸收很多影响。我觉得对于游戏而言,尤其是任天堂或者其他日本游戏,里面那些听上去很开心/猎奇/多彩的和弦推进,和合成器的音色,在多年来的玩游戏&听到里面配乐的过程中给我留下来深刻的印迹。

R: This is gonna sound weird, but sometimes I feel like a sponge. Spongebob.

I absorb so many things but I can’t pinpoint exactly how I learnt something. I think with video games though (especially Nintendo games or maybe just japanese games in general), the really quirky/happy/colourful sounding chord progressions and sound/synth choices really rubbed off on me with all those years of playing and listening to those sound tracks and because I grew up listening heavy to RnB/Neo Soul, Jazz etc, my mind has just kinda combined the two where I have a very video game like approach to making music as I see each part of a song like a level/stage of a video game but I also get very expressive with the way I choose to play or program my drums as if something specific is happening in that level. Does that make sense or am I just weird? haha

T: 我理解!除此之外你还是多种乐器演奏的大师。对此有什么秘诀吗?

T: Any tips on mastering multiple instruments?

R: 保持好奇心。你需要把乐器当成朋友一样花时间慢慢了解。比如,贝斯和吉他的结构很相似,但你和这两种乐器的交流方式实际上是完全不同的。你需要一直不断学习,并在创作过程中逐一应用他们,给每一个乐器发光的机会。

R: Hmmm. Staying curious. You’re never going to know everything and you really have to spend time getting to know the instruments your learning like they’re a friend. For example, Bass Guitar and Guitar are similar in that the share the same kind of layout but the way you learn to interact with these instruments and learn different skills on them makes them two completely different animals to me! You always gotta want to learn more and take it in turns letting each of them shine as you use them on tracks :) at least thats what I think!

T: 19岁就在 Soulection 发行EP是个相当了不起的成就!这背后的故事是怎样的?

T: Releasing from Soulection in 2016 at the age of 19 is quite an achievement! What’s the story behind this release?

R: 这背后有个很有趣的故事,我2015年第一次出国巡演的时候,在巴黎第一次遇到了Joe Kay。我当时在 Social Club DJ, Joe Kay 走了进来。我当时是 Soulection 的超级粉丝,所以特别紧张!演出后我们聊了一小会,他们邀请我们去第二天的 Soulection 演出,最后我们还一起登台表演。快进两三个月,我在 Souldcloud 上发了自己迄今为止最受欢迎的remix单曲 - I Just Want You To Know,采样了 Snoop Dogg 和 Pharrell 的 ‘Beautiful’,然后 Joe Kay 立刻在所有平台上关注了我,DM我说他听遍了我 Soundcloud 上的歌曲,特别想发行我的作品。我当时在房间里激动得满地转圈要发疯了!我花了大概两三天敲定了那张EP发给了他,后来的事大家也都知道了。那个发行绝对助推了我的音乐生涯,我一直都非常感激。

R: Haha this is always a fun story to tell. I met Joe Kay in Paris back in 2015 which happened to be my first ever show that I played outside of the UK and it was the first time meeting two other DJs/Producers from Soundcloud which would turn out to be life long friends. MIKKOH and Deffie both from the US. Anyway, I was playing my DJ set at Social Club when Joe Kay, Sasha Marie and Andre Power walked in and at the time I was such a Soulection fanboy so I was internally freaking out haha. After I got done we all had a little chat and they invited us to their show which was the day after ours and we all turned up together on the stage. Was also the first time I met producer DA-P. Fast forward 2 or 3 months and I had released a song on Soundcloud which would go on to be my most popular remix of my career so far “I Just Want You To Know” which samples Pharrell and Snoop Doggs “ Beautiful” and immediately, Joe Kay follows me on everything, hits me up in my DMs saying he’s been going through my Soundcloud all day and going crazy and then he asked me to do a release. I think at this point I ran throughout the house like OH MY GODDDDDDD. I think I spent like 2-3 days working on that Soulection EP and sent it back and the rest is history. That project definitely kick started my career and I’m always grateful for it.

T: 从之前的采访里看到,the Neptunes 是你的重要音乐影响。对你来讲,他们的优秀之处在于?

T: Reading from past interviews, the Neptunes (Pharrell Williams in particular) was one of your major influences, how did they speak to you that others don’t?

R: The Neptunes 简直…无所不能。他们能做hip hop, 能做RnB, 他们的 N.E.R.D 又融合了摇滚元素,他们可以做超级流行巨星,日本元素的音乐,他们的潮流风格,他们所代表的态度,他们音乐鹤立鸡群般的辨识度。我把他们当成神一般看待。

R: The Neptunes just… they could do everything. Like they had their hip hop shit popping, their RnB, they had N.E.R.D on their Rock shit, they were making super popstar records, Japanese records, their fashion, what they stood for, how much their sound was recognisable and stood out. I literally look at them as gods. Growing up and witnessing them doing everything was always so astounding to me. I could know it was the neptunes within 3 second of hearing a song no matter what genre they were going for and they just completely broke boundaries especially with the limitations of the technology at the time. I felt like I grew up watching my big brothers kill it. They literally gave birth to me haha. Now I want to be the next installment of the neptunes. I want to do everything for everyone no matter what genre/style. If I don’t do it already, I’ll research and learn to put my own unique twist on it then we move! They make it feel like nothing is impossible and I love that :)

T: 你之前的专辑 Press L To Continue 里,最突出的视觉元素便是封面上的那个菠萝。这个主意是怎么来的?

T: My favorite part of ‘Press L To Continue’ is the reoccurring pineapple! How did that idea come about?

R: 我会从最意想不到的事物中找到灵感。对我来讲,菠萝是看上去最特别的水果,想象要是给菠萝加上眼睛,手和脚…大概会是最酷的神奇宝贝吧!

R: Haha I find interest in the most random things. A pineapple (to me), is the most unique looking fruit and Imagine sticking some eyes, arms and legs on it……

Dude, that’d be the coolest Pokemon EVER! haha

T: 你是怎么决定要搬到亚洲来的?现在在首尔过得怎么样?

T: How did the decision of relocating to Asia come about? And how’s Seoul treating you so far?

R: 我总是会得到亚洲乐迷的喜爱,想在这边的音乐界发展。尤其是首尔,我喜欢这座城市的色彩斑斓和多样的文化。首尔的食物又何我之前所熟悉和了解的有多天差地别!所以我决定给自己这个新的挑战。「我厌倦了在英国的生活,厌倦了要努力“融入”西方的音乐体系;在这边,我才能真正做自己。」首尔现在对我还不错,尽管我还在隔离期哈哈。还剩一周!

R: I always get so much love for my music from Asia, I love working in the music scene out here. I love how colourful it is and how amazing the culture in Seoul is especially. The food, my friends, how different it is to everything I’ve grown up with and what I know. I felt like I had to take a new risk and give myself new challenges. I got really bored of life in the UK. I got bored of always trying to fit in within the western music industry but whenever I work in the music scene out here, I feel like I can just be myself and that’s a breath of fresh air. I’ve been considering to move to Seoul for years but 2020 was the time I was finally able to sit back, grind and save loads of money until I could finally do it. 2020 was a mess of a year for sure but the best year to get myself in check, re-evaluate my life and career and set some new goals and I’m happy I was finally able to do it off music alone. That’s a blessing in itself. Seoul is treating me amazing as always even though I’m in quarantine right now haha. About a week left until I’m free!

T: 你和 AOMG的LOCO, WOOGIE & DEAN权革 在内的韩国音乐人也有过合作的经历。体验如何?

T: You had some notable collaborations with Korean artists recently including Loco and Woogie, what’s it like working with them?

R: WOOGIE 就像我大哥一般,我爱他!从我们刚认识开始,他就一直在帮助我,给我成长的机会;光靠线上的交流,我们就互相了解了好多。和他们合作的过程一直都很自然,我从来不需要勉强自己,不论是制作,吉他还是人声的客串。

R: Woogie is honestly like my big brother and I love that guy. Ever since we first spoke, he’s always been helping me out and giving me opportunities to grow and even just speaking online, we’ve learnt so much about each other. It’s always been such a fun process too and the music speaks to me naturally and I don’t feel like I have to force it whenever they ask me for a feature whether it’s production or vocals or guitar etc.

T: 我们特别喜欢你的那首 Windows XP 歌曲 (Message Me) 。"I'll call u XP cause you're extra precious" 有预料到反响会这么好吗?

T: The Windows song became an internet sensation and we love it. XP or 98?

R: 说实话,我对那首歌的反响太吃惊了!我觉得那首歌太奇怪了,没指望大家会喜欢它,但最后却成为我最受欢迎的作品,被芝加哥晨报等媒体报道,甚至吸引了微软公司的注意。太夸张了。

我最早接触的操作系统是98, 但用着XP长大, 所以XP会永远是我的最爱。我所有的早期经历,接触网络,做beats,用limewire下歌,玩游戏,都是XP。它就像是我最好的朋友(是不是有点悲伤?)

R: HONESTLY. I AM SHOCKED AT HOW FAR THAT WENT HAHA! I didn’t actually think anyone was going to like it because I thought it was too weird and goofy and it ended being my most popular piece of content across all social medias even getting the attention of Microsoft themselves and the morning news in Chicago and multiple other outlets. CRAZY.

The first OS I ever used was Windows 98 but I grew up with XP so XP will forever have my heart. All my first experiences like Using the internet, making beats, using limewire, pc gaming etc were all with Windows XP. It’s like a best friend haha (is that sad?)

T: 哈哈我懂!微软的人们有怎样的反响?

T: How did the Microsoft people like it?

R: 说实话,知道微软他们喜欢这首歌的感觉太酷了!他们在整个办公楼里放了好几天我的歌,还给我发了礼物道谢。

R: Honestly, it feel so cool to know the company themselves like it. They told me the whole office was blasting it for days haha and they even sent me a gift as a thank you for making the video. Wow!

T: 那首歌和其他的几首一起组成了你的EP ICE CREAM CLONES你最喜欢的冰淇淋是?封面上的7-11T恤又是哪里买的?

T: That and other songs from your video came together and became your latest mixtape that is ‘ICE CREAM CONES’. What’s your favourite type of ice cream? And where did you get that 7-ELEVEN T-shirt?

R: 是的!那张EP自然而然的形成了。我最喜欢草莓冰淇凌哈哈!T恤则是从曼谷的一个街头小贩那买的。

R: It did! That project naturally had to happen aha :) STRAWBERRY ICE CREAM WOO! I got it from a street vendor on Khaosan Road in Bangkok haha

T: 我们太喜欢你搞怪的时尚风格了!你的时尚灵感来源是?

T:Your fashion style is so wonderfully weird! Where do you draw inspiration from?

R: 我自己都不太确定哈哈。我就是喜欢一切奇怪, 美好的事物,和丰富的色彩。每天都是依据心情穿衣服。

R: Honestly, I can’t even say I’m sure haha. I just love all things weird, wonderful, obnoxiously colour or loud and I just like to dress however I’m feeling that day.

T: 有哪些特别喜欢&想合作的中国音乐人吗?

T: Any Chinese artist you wish to link up and maybe have a collab with?

R: 阿克江特别酷,我很想和他合作!Bohan Phoenix也特别棒!我还在不断了解当中,欢迎推荐:)

R: Akin is so dope and I really wanna work with him! :) Bohan Phoenix is super cool too! I’m trying to learn more and I’m always open to suggestions :)

T: 最后,你今年即将发行的新专辑会是怎样的?

T: What can we expect from your upcoming album?

R: 和上一个EP相比,更加多彩的,奇怪的,多样性的声音。你可以感受到我在多方面的成长,同时我自唱的桥段也会更多。现在歌曲已经创作完成了,还将会有一系列让我激动的合作阵容!

R: Colourful weirdness, VERY diverse sounds compared to my last one

I feel like it’s growth in unexpected way and I’m singing a lot more on this one :)

I’ve written every song and I have some super cool features I’m excited about :)


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