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CHIT CHAT: Watapachi

一年之前在 YETI OUT 的邀请之下,WATAPACHI 组合第一次来到上海演出,与Oneman 和 Harikiri 同台在 ARKHAM 带来一场融入Trap,迷幻元素,厚重Bass与东方声音的Set。他们曾为 Black Scale 创作mixtape,也为 Mad Decent 和 Kitsune 音乐厂牌旗下作品制作remix,更是与全球范围知名的东京地下说唱组织 Terikiyaki Boyz 长期合作,而他们的现场的确让我们感受到了 NOXIN 和 SES 所属的当下日本亚文化群体的能量。


Shanghai? Asia, but different from Tokyo. I love it.

Late nights? Go hard, loud music.

Tokyo? Brand.

Most played song? Brodinski.

Best place to eat in Tokyo? There’s a lot of different kinds of great food to eat in Tokyo.

Mad Decent? Sensei (‘teacher’ or ‘master’ in Japanese.)

Nickname?  Haji.

Top DJ of all time? Brodinski.

Basketball? Love to play ball but haven’t played for a while.

Sundays? Sleep.

One place that inspired your music? Tokyo.

Essential thing you’ve learned about the industry? Be yourself.

A song or artist that made you want to make music? NOXIN.

Key to your creative process? NOXIN.

The sound and look of future music? Anything is possible.

Best gig ever? Shanghai, Arkham.

Track of the moment? Sunnyside Down – Aurora Anthony (ft. Mary Gold)


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