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CHIT CHAT: DJ Soulscape

DJ Soulscape 作为首尔当下音乐场景的代表人物之一,创办了360 Sounds imprint。深受80年代hip-hop音乐的影响,从小在父母收藏的soul灵魂乐黑胶唱片的熏陶下成长,再到音乐工程的求学背景,使得这位音乐人的涉足广泛。目前Soulscape不仅是韩国首尔著名的Cakeshop的驻场DJ,也曾与 Young Guru, Illa J 和 Lefto 等国际知名音乐人同台演出,他的现场set是一场包容K-POP和各类经典与前卫电子音乐的交响曲。

DJ Soulscape is a legend on the 1s and 2s, and head honcho of the 360 Sounds imprint. Deeply influenced by ’80s hip-hop, his parents extensive collection of soul vinyl, and his engineering background, the musician is a culmination of diversity and contrast. A regular at the Seoul institution Cakeshop, he’s shared the decks with the likes of Young Guru, Illa J, and Lefto, to name a few. Soulscape composes and arranges electronic symphonies reminiscent of K-pop, yet innovative in style and genre.


Shanghai? Height & speed.


Seoul? Ruff & tuff. 

Cakeshop? Homeground. Landmark. Power plant.


Most embarrassing performance moment?

最尴尬的演出经历 Whenever the police comes


Most played song?

最常放的歌 Always put “What Should I Do” by Kim Trio, a Korean disco classic in my mix

一首韩国经典的disco曲子,Kim Troi的“What Should I Do”

360 Sounds? Peace, unity, love, and having fun.


Best Seoul staple food?

首尔最好的食物? Bibimbap is like a mixture and mashup with all kinds of food texture.


Nickname?  唐山大兄。

Favourite vinyl?

最爱的黑胶唱片 Some of my faves are Korean psyche, soul, and rock records like He 6.

韩国灵魂乐,还有He 6这类摇滚唱片

Stüssy? Honoured to be a part of the tribe.


Top 3 DJs of all time?

最爱的3个DJ Jazzy Jay, Larry Levan, J Rocc.

Most absurd Instagram DM?

收到过最荒唐的Instagram短信 Try one ladies! 

One place that inspired your music?

哪个地方启发你的音乐灵感? Bathtub… For real!!! 浴缸!

Essential thing you’ve learned about the industry?

从音乐产业中学到的最重要的东西? That you have nothing to learn from the industry…


A song or artist that made you want to make music?


Way too many… I can list them all day… Arthur Russell, 45 King, J. J. Perry, King Tubby, Mizell Brothers, Shin Joong Hyun… 太多了!

Key to your creative process?

创作过程中的关键? Free your mind and let the rhythm flow


The sound and look of future music?

未来的音乐会是什么样? Collision between genre / style, localisation vs. globalisation… who knows?


Best gig ever?

最棒的演出? The one I did for Venice Biennale – I played ’70s Korean psyched out jams and cabaret dance music, seeing people go nuts.


Track of the moment?

目前最喜欢的歌? Right now? Fumaça Preta – “Apelo.” 

What would you do if you saw a yeti in your basement? 


Will set a DJ booth real quick and blow the speakers.


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