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CHIT CHAT: Junior Chef

Junior Chef is a star producer who produced numerous tracks for Korean Legendary Hip-Hop Crew The Cohort. He has risen to fame via the production of Keith Ape's anthem ITGMA and has since seen production credits for it's remix with Waka Flocka, ASAP Ferg, Dumbfounded to other Asian rappers like KOHH, Jay Park and Ugly Duck.

After his success in the scene he developed connections with other artists domestically and internationally from Philly's Lil Uzi Vert to South Korea's DOK2, specifically 'Future-Flame' which has seen 500k hits online. His last project has seen him featured on Japanese rapper KOHH's new album 'Yellow Tape 4'. For his Asia tour, he will be joined by Seoul selector Goosebumps on a signature set of turnt up raps and Asian hip hop flavour. 

Junior Chef 可谓韩国最具人气的制作人之一,其为本土传奇 Hip-Hop 团体 The Cohort 打造了多首作品,因与 Keith Ape 的成名作《ITGMA》而名声大噪。自那之后,Junior Chef 更是出现在了 Waka Flocka、A$AP Ferg、Dumbfounded、KOHH、Jay Park、Ugly Duck 歌曲的制作名单中。

成名之后的 Junior Chef 并没有放慢通往巅峰的步伐,继续与本土及国际音乐人保持合作,从费城的 Lil Uzi 到韩国的 DOK2,都有联手。值得一提的是,《Future-Flame》在网上达到了 50 万的点击量。近期,他还参与了日本 Rapper KOHH 最新专辑《Yellow Tape 4》的制作。此番亚洲巡演,Junior Chef 将携手首尔 DJ Goosebumps 为大家缔造劲爆无比的亚洲 Rap/Hip-Hop 现场。


The underground scene in Korea? 


I think underground scene doesn't exist anymore in Korea. Anyone can become famous in a second and be loved by their own music. But to become rich as a musician, rappers have to show up at ‘Show Me The Money’, the most famous hip-hop TV program in Korea, and have to open their eyes to K POP.

我认为现在的韩国已经不存在地下音乐。如果要名利双收的话,rapper 们必须参加韩国最有名的 Hip-Hop 电视节目“Show Me The Money。而且必须融入 K POP 音乐元素。

The name "JuniorChef"?

Junior Chef 的名字由和而来?

I am a former chef. There is actually ‘June’ in my real name and I always wanted to be a young, curious artist, so I’ve made this stage name with Keith Ape when he was making his own.

我之前是一个厨师,而且我的本名里实际上有 “June”这个词。因为我一直想成为年轻、且总是充满探索欲的音乐人,所以在我和 Keith Ape 合作期间,便想出来这个艺名。

Track of the moment?


2 Chainz 的 《4 AM》

Key to your creative process?


Thinking about music every day.


Most played song?



Essential thing you've learned about the industry?


Faith, Trust, Credit, Respect, Vision


The sound and look of future music?


How do I know? Maybe it’ll look something like what’s in my Ableton.

这我不是很确定。可能是像我 Ableton 音乐软件中的那种风格。

IT G MA Remix or Original?

更爱《IT G MA》的 remix 还是原版?

Original One.


Most absurd Instagram DM?

最荒谬的 Instagram 私信?

Someone asked me if they could use my beat for ‘FREE’.

有人询问是否可以免费用我的 Beats。

Air Max 97s or Air Force 1s?

最爱 Air Max 97 还是 Air Force 1?

Air Max 97

What would you do if you saw a yeti in your basement?


Take a selfie and Instagram live it for world star!!

与他自拍,并在 Instagram 上直播


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