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CHIT CHAT: Homeboy Sandman

上上周四 YETI 邀请到了传奇音乐厂牌 Stones Throw 旗下著名说唱音乐家 Homeboy Sandman来到上海,在东湖路的 Le baron 上海俱乐部为所有粉丝献上了一场值得回忆的说唱 live 现场表演。一般我们都会在演出前给嘉宾音乐人做一起 Chit Chat 聊天采访,可惜这篇内容现在才和大家见面!

作为一名具有丰富人生履历的说唱音乐家,Homeboy Sandman是目前为止Chit Chat栏目回答最多的!不论是作品歌词,还是现场演出的风采,再到这篇话题涉及 Stones Throw厂牌,老家皇后区生活,好兄弟 Peanut Butter Wolf 等话题的采访,都让我们感受到了一位真诚音乐家的无限魅力。

Hailing originally from Queens, New York, Homeboy Sandman is the moniker behind Stones Throw rapper and hip-hop musician Angel del Villar II. Active since 2007 in his respective genres, and leading lights alongside Stones Throw heavyweights Peanut Butter Wolf, Madlib, MF Doom, and more, Homeboy Sandman has made quite a name for himself in the genres or hip-hop and R&B. Always repping his home hood of Elmhurst in Queens, Homeboy Sandman recorded and released his first EP, called Nourishment, in early 2007. He then went on to release his debut album five months later, under the name Nourishment (Second Helpings.) A few months later, his music began to pick up within the NY scene, from underground radio programs like Squeeze Radio (WKCR 98.9 FM) and Halftime Radio (WNYU 89.1 FM.) In early 2008, Homeboy Sandman was selected as Source Magazine‘s “Unsigned Hype.” He signed with Stones Throw Records, partnering up with Peanut Butter Wolf, in August 2011. The rest is history.

We had the chance to catch up with Homeboy himself when he joined us at Le Baron Shanghai for a special live show. Hear us chat about Stones Throw, Queens Centre Mall food court, Peanut Butter Wolf, pomegranates, and going for seconds, below…



对上海的印象? I can’t fucking believe I’m going to Shanghai yo. I can’t believe that my job is going to Shanghai to rap. I don’t know much about Shanghai, but that I’m excited as fuck to be going and that it seems like YETI is doing an excellent job spreading the word about the show. And that there’s crazy rich history and culture there that I can’t wait to check out.



纽约皇后区是怎么样的? I really like Queens. It’s where I’m from.


Top 3 rappers of all time?

最喜欢的三位说唱音乐家是? DOOM Black Thought Jay-Z


黑泡音乐对你来说是什么? My favourite of all the amazing musical genres.



小名叫什么? Mr. Sandman, bring you a dream.


A song or artist that made you want to make music?

启发你开始音乐创作的一首歌或者一位音乐人是? Stevie Wonder. My favorite of all time.

Stevie Wonder是我最爱的音乐家。

Peanut Butter Wolf?  Coolest dude in the world.


Best place to eat in Queens?

纽约皇后区最好的地方是? Queens Center Mall food court. Lots of cuties.


Stones Throw?

Stones Throw音乐厂牌? Best label in the world.


New York staple food?

纽约最棒的食物? Pomegranate.


East Elmhurst?

东埃尔姆赫斯特是怎么样的? East Elmhurst is a neighbourhood that people outside of New York often confuse with my neighbourhood, Elmhurst. East Elmhurst is cool too though. I used to do some boxing training out there. My dad ran for City Councilman out there. My sister lived out there for like a second. I’d probably have been out there more but the trains don’t go out there. Trains come to Elmhurst. East Elmhurst you gotta take a bus.


One place that inspired your music?

给你创作灵感的一个地方是? New Hampshire. I went to high school out there. Leaving NYC really broadened my hip-hop horizons.


Going for second helpings?  These days I be watching the portions tryna get diesel.

Essential thing you’ve learned about the industry?

从音乐行业中学到最受用的东西是? Being dope is a fool-proof plan.


Key to your creative process?

创作过程的秘诀是? Faith.


The sound and look of future music?

未来的声音和视觉会是怎么样的? Amazing.


Best gig ever?

最棒的演出是? Stockholm, Sweden 2014. Where I met my girl.


Track of the moment?

目前常常听的歌? “Gumshoe (Remix)“

What would you do if you saw a yeti in your basement?

如果你在地下室遇到了yeti雪人你会怎么办? Never had a basement. If I saw one in my living room? Probably try to talk to it I guess.


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