In 2015, Thaiboy Digital – who lived in Sweden since the age of 9 – was deported from the Nordic country back to his birth country Thailand. His rap career and close relationship with Drain Gang and Yung Lean’s Sad Boys was dismantled. Nonetheless, the rapper’s continued to power through with heavy 808-tinged bars that aptly blur the lines between cloud rap, tranceand hardcore. Armed with a layer of AutoTune and a sluggish, Codeine-esque flow, the young rapper’s displacement is felt in his latest latest EP ‘S.O.S.,’ which stands for ‘Suicide Or Sacrifice,’ an emotional reflection of his transient life, in addition to hits like “Nothing 2 Fear” and “Magic,” where he sings about a girl he left in Thailand, and the departure from his family Drain Gang. Yeti Out collaborated with Thaiboy Digital on the release of a limited “Homage Tee” in addition to two parties in Shanghai’s underground haunt, Arkham, and Beijing’s West live house. Here’s what went down in images.
PHOTOS BY : Carol Tam, Tom Bray, Jarry, iipodboy, Pat, and West Club