上周,由 Ciesay 与 Soulz 创建的创意平台暨街头品牌 Places + Faces  登陆上海,同 Yeti 于 Arkham 举办了一场令人意犹未尽的音乐派对。P+F 的摄影作品不仅在潮流圈颇受瞩目,其所出版的独立杂志以及服饰更是受人追捧。派对上,Ciesay 不仅亲自登台 DJ,并有 Grime 知名制作人 Darq E Freaker、Vroskiii 以及我们的 Tom & Arthur Yeti 助阵,协力为乐迷缔造了一场躁动至极的音乐现场。今天,我们就通过以下影像回顾当晚的盛况。此外,Yeti 还参与到 P+F 泰国曼谷站活动,在此我们亦为大家呈上现场照片。

London-based guerrilla unit Soulz and Ciesay stopped by Shanghai during their Places+Faces Asia tour. As a photography collective, magazine publisher, and streetwear label, it comes to no surprise that their party would be everything else but low key. P+F continues to expose behind the scene moments with artists to the public, while building a community of trendsetting influencers. The night was a rampage of sounds from South London grime producer Darq E Freaker, Tom b2b Arthur Yeti, Vroskiii, and C!esay. Hosted at Shanghai’s underground joint Arkham, mosh pits were formed and images were shot, here’s what went down during the one-night event including snaps from their Bangkok stop. Photos by Carol Tam and Jarry Hu.