Kicking off with two consecutive nights with the Cakeshop Seoul familia, YETI took over Paris Fashion Week with plenty of blurred nights. Reuniting the international gang from Kingmck, Cyber69, Teki Latex, Skinny Macho and much more, Arthur Yeti and Eri Yeti went b2b from making pitstops a Hotel Radio Paris and Rinse FM to after parties with NE.SENSE, Kitsune Afterwork at Le Bain, MAN / WOMAN at Hôtel Bourbon with Beni B, Fraser Cooke, Guillaume Berg, and Manaré, and Dutch gang – Daily Paper and Filling Pieces at Silencio. Taking strides with pop up parties and collaboration with friends and family, we went full on beast mode as Paris became rowdier as ever.
Recap below – Photos by Carol Tam.