To celebrate 3 years of Yeti Out in Shanghai, we threw 3 parties crossing all genre barriers from Seoul Hip Hop, left field disco to club trax. However, we wouldn’t be celebrating nightlife in Shanghai without dodging a few curve balls. Due to Arkham’s last minute venue change from an unforeseen electrical shut down, we moved our Triple Happiness finale party to Ninja Bar. Even with the unexpected changes, the party was still packed with sweating bodies mosh pitting to rowdy rap verses of Hong Kong rap star Young Queenz and dancing till the early hours to Fade To Mind bossman Kingdom’s icy riddims. Big up to everyone that came through, there would be no Triple Happiness with out you! 

上月,我们于上海举办了三场劲爆派对,以来庆祝 YETI OUT 三周年生日。无论是韩式 Hip-Hop 还是 Left Field Disco,甚至 Club Trax,都让在场乐迷大饱耳福。尽管因为 Arkham 电力故障,我们临时更改了第三晚压轴派对举办场地至 Ninja Bar,但 Yeti 死忠们的热情依然不减,同香港说唱新星 Young Queenz 以及 Fade To Mind 厂牌主脑人物 Kingdom 度过了难忘不眠夜。这里,YETI 再次感谢大家过去三年中一如既往的支持;与此同时期待我们将会在未来带给大家更多瞩目演出!