为期 6 天、跨越 2 个周末的 BEAM FEST 在泰国曼谷掀起全民音乐浪潮。Yeti 有幸参与其中,与来自世界各地的音乐单位 Red Light Radio、Soulection、Kitsune Club 等缔造劲爆音乐现场。包括 Derrick May、SOSUPERSAM、Flight Facilities 等人气音乐人纷纷登台。毫无疑问,身为官方合作伙伴、策划人之一的 Yeti 将东西方音乐文化融合,跨平台展现出来自亚洲的先锋音乐之声。今天,就让我们通过以下图片回顾 Yeti 在 BEAM FEST 上的狂欢时刻!

Over a six-day event spread over two weekends, BEAM FEST took over the bustling city of Bangkok. YETI joined forces with numerous studios around the globe such as Red Light Radio, Soulection, and Kitsune Club, amongst other with selected artist like Derrick May, SOSUPERSAM, Flight Facilities and more. As partners and curators of the event, family and friends of YETI brought a variety of sounds in an expansive platform. In a showcase of Asia’s talents, merging the music world of the East and West, we wilded out until the early hours of the AM and here’s what went down in images.