Pei 来自北京,是 ByeByeDisco 的联合创始人之一。Pei 的音乐风格包括了 Disco、House、Electro、New Wave 等,成为北京最具人气的音乐人之一。她还曾获得 2014 年度 Timeout 读者最喜欢的 DJ 大奖。值得一提的是,ByeByeDisco 原本是一家古着店,慢慢发展成为举办活动及艺术展、线上/Pop-Up 商店的多功能空间。Pei 坚信所有音乐人应该不忘根基,同时放眼未来,创作出有深度、有份量、且有灵魂的音乐。本周五,她将助阵 Yeti Dis:Ko 特别呈现的 Dicky Trisco 与 Allan Marshall 演出。让我们相聚 Dada 北京之前,今天先让我们了解下这位人气 DJ。

Based in Beijing, Pei is the co-founder of ByeByeDisco. Ranging from disco, house, electro, new wave and so on,  Pei’s curation of sounds has won Beijing’s heart as she’s Timeout Reader’s Choice of 2014 for best DJ. ByeByeDisco has evolved from being a trendsetting vintage shop to a space for events, artistic exhibitions, online/pop-up shops and much more. With a goal to showcase China’s (and global) artistic talent, Pei believes in digging deep into the past enough, to do something about the future, and that Music has a weight also a soul. She joins Dicky Trisco and Allan Marshall this Friday at DADA for a Beijing edition of Yeti Dis:ko. Read below for a quick chit-chat with the artist!


Beijing? 北京?
I’ve lived in Beijing for more than 10 years now. 我已经在这里生活超过 10 年了。

History of ByeByeDisco? 
ByeByeDisco 厂牌的历史?
ByeByeDisco was founded in 2008 by New Pants band member Pang Kuan and me.  ByeByeDisco 是由我与 New Pants 乐队成员 Pang Kuan 在 2008 年创立的。

Essential thing you’ve learned about the industry? 
To listen a lot and carefully, to think a little and make things happen.多去倾听,而且是仔细地听。少想一点,多去行动。


Key to your creative process? 创作过程中的关键?
To make people cum and cry.旨在让人们高潮迭起,尽兴至极。

Most played song? 
Mr. G – Transient (Original Mix)


The sound and look of future music? 对未来音乐的憧憬?
I’m very disappointed by some types of music nowadays. 坦白讲,我对现在的很多新兴音乐种类很失望。

Who would you ideally like to collaborate with? 
Air, New Order, and Daft Punk.

The last show you went to that stuck out to you?  
DJ Dustin (Giegling) played a 9 hrs long set at TAG Chengdu. I almost cried five times. DJ Dustin(Giegling)在 TAG 成都为时 9 小时的演出,我几乎哭了 5 次。

Most drunken shenanigan? 
I once finished playing a set, and a handsome guy came to me and said: “Hey Pei, I like your set.” I said: “Thanks. What’s your name?” The next day I realized that he is my ex. 有一次我结束演出,一个非常帅的人过来和我说:“Hey Pei,我喜欢你的 Set。”我回答道:“谢谢。你叫什么名字?”第二天,我清醒了,意识到那是我的前男友。

Track of the moment? 现在最喜欢的歌曲?
Brian Eno – Bone Bomb

Best Beijing staple food? 在北京觉得什么最好吃?
Yunnan Food 云南菜

What would you do if you saw a yeti in your basement? 
I love yetis!  I learned the word Yeti from the 80’s song “Yeti” by Radiorama. I’d tell him about this story, invite him to eat hot pot and ice cream then listen to the song together. 我喜欢雪人!我知道这个词是从一首  80 年代 Radiorama 的歌曲,就叫做《Yeti》。我会把这个故事告诉他,并请他吃火锅、冰激凌、一起唱歌。